Friday, January 18, 2013

Sand Art!

This was something fun we did at Megan's birthday party! All the kids loved it and it was so easy to put together (and cheap!). First I cleaned out some baby food jars for each kid that was coming. These were the perfect size for them. Then I took salt and rubbed chalk on it until I got the color I wanted! I first tried rubbing the salt on wax paper which worked will but got a few holes...wasn't bad. Just make sure you do a little at a time, that way you get the maximum color.

Then with a little adult help the kids filled their jars with the different colors! I did pull out the funals but we ended up not using them. The kids just used spoons to scoop each color in.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Few Cards!

I always love finding cute cards online, espcially ones that look easy and are cute! So, I always make sure to share the ones I get and ones I make with you :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ok everyone, this is so easy! Even if you're not a sewer, you can do this! All you need is some adult socks (the longer ones). I found mine at Target in the woman's section.

So first you'll want to cut your sock as shown below. You're cutting the hill out and the long strip to the toe is what you're going to use to make a cuff.
 Then fold that extra part of sock in half wrong sides together. You'll place the sock in the middle and all the raw edges will be together like shown below. Sew them together and that's it!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Cake

Here's my Megan's cake! She was in love with Backyardigans so I put together a Backyardigans party! I really hate paying for cakes and always try and do them myself...they don't always come out as cute as I picture in my mind but this one was awesome!

For Uniqua I followed this tutorial!! I worked perfect, just make sure you get ICING and not gel like I did the first time for the black. I did end up having to redo it because the gel doesn't freeze but the icing worked great.
Now I just need to work on my hand writing with frosting :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Halloween Decor!

 So I had fun with the Halloween decor this year. As some of you know my husband LOVES Halloween, so my way of getting into it is making cute decor for the house!
Here's our looked AWESOME at night. We had orange lights going around the window and a strobe light hitting it! I made the tree and pumpkins and everything else out of black trash bags!! (Awesome idea from my mother!). I sat downstairs one night and laid it out on the floor, then I just started cutting. I really free handed everything and I'm so not the artiest, trust me on that! I loved how it came out!

Here's Frankenstein! I made him just out of materials I had on hand. I had some black fleece (which made it a little harder to hang but not impossible) and sheets for the white. I free handed this one as well but I followed this picture just to give me an idea of what I was doing! My girls loved Frankenstein. My husband told the girls he was protecting our home while we are away. I even had a neighbor tell me her girls would giggle at him as they would drive by:)

 And I just had to add this picture in (sorry for the blur and corny me). This was me for Halloween. My good friend, who we were going trick or treating with, wanted me to dress up with her (this was the night before Halloween). So all night I searched online for a last minute idea that I could throw on for her. So here you go...a great last minute idea!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halloween - Cowgirl Jessie!

Here's my cutie Megan in her Halloween outfit! I must say I was pretty happy with how this came out! I made the shirt, cow apron and tutu (although I need to find a better way to make tutus!). I finished the night before we were headed out trick or treating so just in time.

First, the shirt. I bought a plain white shirt at Target. All I could find was one with a pocket on it but it still worked just fine. Then I laid down the yellow (had a little plaid in it) and traced around the collar. Remember you'll want to leave just a tad of fabric to fold under and sew, that way you get a nice clean edge. I sewed on the yellow first. Then after trying out a few different red materials I found some red shoes lace at the fabric works perfect especially when you're trying to get the loops to lay flat. It was quite easy to hand sew the red shoe lace on. I just drew a line as a rough idea of where I wanted the loops to be.

The apron was simple. Just cut your fabric to the size you want. You'll want two pieces so before you cut lay your fabric right sides together. Then after you've cut your fabric sew along the sides. You can leave open the top so that you can flip it around. Then take some black ribbon, fold it in half and place the fabric in between. This will give you a nice finish at the top. Be sure to have enough ribbon that you can tie it in the back.

Hope that helps some of you looks for a Jessie Costume! (And just a fyi, I bought the boots and hat at on a good deal)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Megan & Maisy's Dresses - Family Pictures!

So I didn't want to make two different dresses for Maisy so I just used the one I made for her birthday for our family pictures. I wanted my girls to match but not be matchy matchy. So, I used the same fabric but just changed it up a bit. Here's the tutorial I used to make Megan's dress for our family pictures! I just used a normal t-shirt but I didn't like how big the sleeves were on her. So, I cut them off and use some of the bias tape I made for Maisy's dress on the sleeves to give it some color on top as well.


Here's a better shot of Megan's dress, this way you can see the sash on the dress.

Happy New Year! Maisy's Birthday Celebration!

Wow the end of the year was so crazy but we really enjoyed our holidays and I hope you guys did as well. I just wanted to share a few things I made other the last few months! 

As some of you know we all have birthdays at the end of the year. So, on top of all the crazy holidays we get to celebrate birthdays:) Here's what I did for Maisy's birthday.

 Here's the stand for the cake (which the cake totally didn't turn out how I wanted but still worked:) ). I just turned a glass upside down and glues the plate to the top (which is actually the bottom of the glass). The I wrapped feathers around the rim of the glass.

 The number is make like you make a pinata! I just cut out the number out of cardboard and alternated colors while gluing the tissue paper. Just cut squares out of the tissue paper, place the tip of a pencil (eraser side) in the center and dip into glue. Then place on the cardboard close together. 

 This punch as AMAZING! (Sorry this was the only picture I had of it) Here's where I found the recipe! You won't be disappointed! 

 Maisy's dress was also one on my many projects! It turned out better than I thought! I got the tutorial here, it's very detailed which is exactly what I need when it comes to sewing clothing for my kids. I also make the bow to match for the same blog!

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