Friday, January 11, 2013

Halloween Decor!

 So I had fun with the Halloween decor this year. As some of you know my husband LOVES Halloween, so my way of getting into it is making cute decor for the house!
Here's our looked AWESOME at night. We had orange lights going around the window and a strobe light hitting it! I made the tree and pumpkins and everything else out of black trash bags!! (Awesome idea from my mother!). I sat downstairs one night and laid it out on the floor, then I just started cutting. I really free handed everything and I'm so not the artiest, trust me on that! I loved how it came out!

Here's Frankenstein! I made him just out of materials I had on hand. I had some black fleece (which made it a little harder to hang but not impossible) and sheets for the white. I free handed this one as well but I followed this picture just to give me an idea of what I was doing! My girls loved Frankenstein. My husband told the girls he was protecting our home while we are away. I even had a neighbor tell me her girls would giggle at him as they would drive by:)

 And I just had to add this picture in (sorry for the blur and corny me). This was me for Halloween. My good friend, who we were going trick or treating with, wanted me to dress up with her (this was the night before Halloween). So all night I searched online for a last minute idea that I could throw on for her. So here you go...a great last minute idea!

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