Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Update: WE DID IT! I survived the mess and she had a blast! Apparently she's just like her mother and only wanted to dip one finger in:) she stayed pretty clean but I still had the tub ready to go just in case!
So I have a confession, I've denied my daughter of doing anything messy cause I don't like messes...but today we're going for it! I've decided I can't deny her anymore!! So I'm pulling out the cover and letting her have fun with... FINGER PAINT!!!

Here is a simple recipe I found online that we'll be whipping up! All you need is to grab two cups of flour, add water until it makes a smooth paste free of clumps. Then slowly add HOT water until it makes the consistence you'd like. Remember if you're making it for finger paint you're going to want it a little thicker so don't add to much of the hot water. Split up the mixture into separate containers of however many colors you're going to be making. Add the food coloring and you're done! Easy easy easy...and it's toddler safe, so those little hands can go into their mouth as many times as they'd like (which I'm thinking isn't going to happen more then once:) ) It only last about 24 hrs before going hard so only make as much as you're going to be using right then and there!

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