Thursday, February 9, 2012

Volunteer for a date?!?

I thought this was an interesting idea...volunteer as a date. But then I got thinking about it, what a great idea. I can see it now bringing the two of us closer together. Just picture your loved one sitting across the room chatting it up with someone from the nursing home, that really would just make my heart skip a beat!
So I have had this plan of making mini cakes for Valentine's Day for the battered woman's shelter and now...I think I'm going to be getting my husband involved. We get to cook together and serve together! There are tons of place you can find that would love a helping hand. Try finding one in you're area this weekend (you could even take the kids along if you had too. Some of the grandparents at the retirement centers love kids!)

(Here's a site for Ogden-Salt Lake area volunteer ideas)
(Here's the Utah State Volunteer web site)

Here's the Utah Food Bank site
Check out the Red Cross (although my husband would never consider this)

Update: Check out our fun cakes we made for the battered woman's shelter!! We had a great time together!

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