Thursday, July 12, 2012

T-shirt Headbands

Just when I thought I knew everything there was to make out of an old t-shirt I ran into this tutorial on making -shirt headbands for my girls! They so super soft and my littlest "pull-everything-out-of-my-hair" girl left them in longer then normal!! And the best part, they're NO SEW headbands! I've been in a no saw mood so this was great!

I didn't follow the tutorial exactly and they still work great. Instead of using the sticky adhesive I just pulled out my hot glue gun!! Just cut a strip of t-shirt long enough to go around your childs head (or your could make it for yourself!). Hot glue the two ends together. Cut a smaller piece to cover the part you just glued together! Easy peasy!! (the tutorial has great step by step pictures if you need it!)

On the green one, I took a bleach pen to it to make the poka dots! Just put your design in and let it sit for about 30 minute (100% cotton works best!), wash off and let air dry.

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