Friday, December 10, 2010


So I've ran into the problem of trying to get my house clean as a new mommy. It's been such a struggle. The laundry is never done completely and I don't get to a new load until my husband is out of clean underwear. The dishes pile up and it takes two loads in the dishwasher before they all get done. I always feel like the house is a mess and I never get to those things that I want do like that decluttering that extra bedroom or getting our storage under control. I'd even love to take the time and get more scrapbooking done. So I've come up with a few things that's going to help me get more organized and cleaned up in my home.
One goal is to always have the dishes done after dinner. This is where I'm going to start this week, my kitchen. I always feel like the whole house is a mess when just the kitchen is and since we are trying to save money I'm always cooking from scratch which means the kitchen is very well used and cooking in a mess kitchen is such a pain.
So starting tomorrow I'm cleaning the whole kitchen and making it a goal to have all the dishes done before we head to bed!

What's your tips on keeping the kitchen clean? How do you get the family involved (including dad) with cleaning up after dinner? Does everyone put their own dishes away? I'd love to hear all your great ideals.

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