Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So to start off with this category I think is where to find coupons. This topic is so big and I could go on forever about it but I'll keep it simple to start and then we'll work our way into more details.

Sunday paper
So where do you find coupons? We'll I have 5 Sunday papers come ever week, that is were I get most of them. The reason for five you might ask...when you get those good deals it's great to have five so I can stock up on them instead of having to run to the store every time I run out. Food storage (and even diapers and formula) is a great way to save cause how many times do we end up running to the store for some wipes and have to pay full price.

Printing coupons
Printing coupons can help a ton with those last minute coupons you might need and can't find in the paper right away. I often times go to they are one of my favorites. You can always check your favorite brands web page, so if you are a Gerber girl head straight to their web page and check for a coupons link (they often try and hide it or make it really small so it's harder to find but most have them). I also love Targets coupon page. Many times they have manufactures coupons right on their web page. Now Target can get a little tricky but very beneficial cause you can use a manufactures coupon and a Target coupon with the same one item. How might you tell which is which, check the top left side. In a little bar it will say manufactures coupon or Target coupon ( or if it's another store coupon it will have their name there).

Electronic coupons
I love using electronic coupons cause there is no cutting out coupons just click and save. My favorite is the smiths (connect your Smith's card online ).

If you don't have a Smith's near you check out They have many store options doing the same thing, all you do is add your members card so when they scan your card you start saving (they also have printable coupons there to check out).

Lastly they have this pretty sweet thing where they help you start saving for your children's education it's from . Add your Grocery Cards to your account. AND, add your debit or credit card to the account too. (Whichever card you pay for groceries with.)
Click on the Coupons and Deals tab. Then, click on eCoupons. You can click on the coupons that you want to be added to your card.
UPromise eCoupons will not come off of your grocery bill. Instead, they will be added to your cash back amount at UPromise. You can keep the money in the account to save for your child's college. Or, you can request a check back if you want!
They also offer even more cash back when you register your debit card/credit card with them. Every time you use it, they will give you a percentage back! So, you are essentially saving even more money every time you use your card!

I hope this helps you out in getting started. If you have any question at all feel free to ask. No question is too small...happy saving!

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