Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FHE - Sabbath Day

Last night for family home evening we learning about the importance of the Sabbath Day and what activities are appropriate for Sunday. Here is the guideline for this FHE.

Here are the figures that go with the story. They are each laminated and have magnets on the back.

 Here's the story...

And here's what our jar looks like. This is the one that I grew up with and that my mom handed down to me (as well as all our FHE folders:) )
Some of the activities listed inside are:

~Have your parents help you set some goals. Write you goals down. When you have complete a goal report back to your parents.
~Draw a picture for, or write a note to a friend
~Call Grandma, or Grandpa on the telephone, and visit with them.
~Memorize an Article of Faith each week until all thirteen are memorized
~Go on a nature walk with someone. Talk about the beautiful world Heavenly Father has created for us.
~Look at family pictures
~Go for a walk with your family.
~Tell your family about your primary lesson
~Have someone older read you a scripture story from the scriptures
~Have Mom or Dad tell you a story about one of your ancestors
~Write a letter to your grandparents, draw them a picture, and tell them how much you love them.
~Have someone tell you about when you were a baby. Look at your baby picture. How much have you changed?
~Write a talk
~Fill out a family group sheet
~Write a letter to your mom, tell her ow much you appreciate all she does for you.
~Draw a picture of one of the beautiful things you saw on the way home from church.
~Draw a picture of  temple to remind you that you want to get married in the temple.
~Look at books about the scriptures, and have someone tell you a scripture story.
~Visit a neighbor who is lonely, elderly, or shut-in, and doesn't get out of the house very often, take a card, or fresh flowers to this friend
~Make a puppet out of paper sack. Have a puppet show about always telling the truth
~Write a letter to your favorite missionary

And the list goes on!! There are tons of things we can do on Sunday we sometimes just need a little help thinking of a few!!

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