Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So yesterday I did Family Home Evening with my little girl (2 years old) and we learned about feelings. I copied this wheel from my mom and just had her color in each face (happy, frightened, tired, angry, surprised, sad) as we talked about the different feelings you can have. We also sang "If You're Happy And You Know It...", we did:

if you're happy and you know it make a smile
if you're sad and you know it make a frown
if you're sleepy and you know it make a yawn
if you're angry and you know it make a scowl

Our Family Home Evenings are usually short but we're putting forth the effort! You could also make sugar cookies and decorate them with faces as your treat for the evening!!

There was this other idea I found online that including reading this book...

I think that would go great along with the feelings theme! So many ideas, so little time:)

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