Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My New Lamp Shade!!

I'm so excited with how this came out!! I love it! I must say though I wasn't liking it when I first started, it just didn't seem cute or right or anything like that! That was when I only had one on, after a few more it really started to grow on me and now I love it!!

This is a time consuming project but it was worth it to me! Thanks to Mama says sew for the great tutorial! She gives great step by step instructions! This project cost me a totally of $2!!! (plus the stand that I got at Ikea awhile ago for maybe around 5 dollars).

Here's the wonderful before lamp shade I picked up at the DI for 2 dollars! Not so pretty but works great!

I put my roses farther apart and then went back and filled in the wholes with smaller roses.

And the finally product!

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