Monday, April 30, 2012

Pizza Bites!

We tried and tested these with different cheese and different dough, I'll let you know that we enjoyed the Bisquick rolls from Pillsbury and the Cobby jack cheese better then the crescent rolls and the string cheese. Just know you could really do any type of mixture that you would like and I'm sure they would taste just as great, the best part, they're way easy to throw together and the kids enjoyed them! I had a good friend over who though of doing pineapple and ham! Let your creativity shine here!

Just roll out the dough into a circle if you're using the Bisquick rolls, (it works with the crescent rolls but I didn't roll into a circle I just filled and cover it the best I could) fill the center with pepperoni and cheese. Fold over all the ends and place face down so it doesn't open when cooking. Place in the oven at 425 degrees for 18-20 minutes (I'd follow the dough directions if using a different dough, this is the the Bisquick rolls!). Serve warm. We'd also recommend a dipping sauce, marinara would work good, I'm just not a fan of it so my dipping choice...ranch:)

(Thanks to The Gunny Sack for the the wonderful idea!)

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