Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mini Car Emergency Kit

I found this idea and thought - perfect! It's small, doesn't take up a lot of room which is what I wanted and we have a ton of wipe containers just sitting around. I swear I throw out all of them to just what we need and next month I have a hole butt load again!!
I thought the outside was cute already so I didn't worry about prettying it up but if you don't like yours just grab your glue gun and some extra fabric and start gluing away...I don't think it would be to bad. Inside mine I used some of the list that I found here and added a few things that fit to our needs.

Diapers - size 4 (1 of them) and size 2 (2 of them)
Wipes - I sealed mine in a zip lock cause I didn't feel I had room for a bigger container
Binky - Could have used this when I went to the store and ended up just buying new ones cause I forgot ours!
Hand Sanitizer
Band Aids
Safety Pin - would have come in handy when I was wearing my to big dress and lost my safety pin I had on
Hair Elastic
Rubber Band
Grocery bag
Large Zip Lock Bag
Granola Bar
Shout Wipes
Nursing Pads - thanks to a wonderful friend last time who I had to borrow some from!
Small Note Pad
Toilet Paper - I had a sample of the wet wipe toilet paper, works perfect in there!
Can you believe all that fits in just a single wipes container?!?

I'm also typing up emergency numbers to put on the inside lid and on my sun vizor in case of emergency. I heard of this story one time, don't know who from but it was of a mother who was knocked unconscious and had a small toddler in the back who was unable to understand or answer any of the paramedics questions. You never know when something like that might happen so be prepared!!!
I'll have each family members name listed as well as each number to call in emergency. Make sure to have a family members number (like in laws or your parents) listed in case the whole family is in the car.


  1. A great idea, I'll pass along to my daughter. Thanks!

  2. I'm glad you like really has come in hand and put my mind at rest knowing I have everything in the car just in case I forget something. I also thought and realized I need to add some baby food, but I'm worried about the heat that we get here in Utah, hope it doesn't explode are go bad! I'll have to give it a try maybe in a zip lock or something like that!


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