Tuesday, April 24, 2012

File Folder Games

At church it's very hard for us to be quiet!!! And last week I was all alone because my husband had drill. But I did it! I toughed it out and went with my girls and let me tell you, it was rough, but I absolutely wouldn't have made it without our file folder games!! I love them even though it was a lot of coloring and cutting...so worth it!

The ones I have pictured above are out of this amazing file folder book! Love it! It was worth the money to me cause they are so dang cute! But there are a ton you can print out online (for free) ....here, here and here! They have some cute ideas and they aren't all LDS, so they'd be perfect for the long doctors visit when you need the kids quite for a moment!!


I colored, cute and laminated all pieces! The lamination when help them last longer!

I taped a plastic zip lock on the back (after laminating) to keep all the pieces together...seems to be working great!

I tried both velcro and magnetic strips. I prefer the velcro even though it's a little louder then the magnet. For one, my little girl doesn't push them down hard enough to make it loud when you pull them off and with the magnet, they seem not to stay on very well, they're sliding off a lot!

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  1. I've used these same books to make file folder games! I haven't seen them in a binder like that before. Clever idea!


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