Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magnetic Dress Up

This was a fun thing to put together! I just took a metal box Megan has received for Christmas. It had snowman on it so I wanted to cover it up so it was an everyday box. I found some fabric I had just laying around and wrapped it around the box gluing it with Mod Podge. When I got to the inside I switched to a hot glue gun so it would stay better. After I had it finished I tried closing it was too bulky even with how tight I wrapped it. So I glued a ribbon to go around it so we could tie it to keep it closed. It works just fine to hold all the pieces inside! Then I found this doll online but I needed it smaller then it was printing so I messed with it to make it the right size here. Then I just traced around her legs and arms to create a stencil for the outfits that I cut out from extra scraps of paper. I laminated all of them to help them last longer. I then hot glued down the doll to the inside of the box and that's it! It was pretty easy and quick to put together and my daughter loves to play with all the pieces.

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