Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fabric covered peg boards!

When I was doing the challenge of cleaning up our extra bedroom I made these peg boards to go above our computer table. I needed a place I could hang something so I didn't forget about it and saw it every day! These work's how I made them.

First cut your fabric so that you have about 1 inch extra around each side.

Then you're going to glue opposite sides down. I just used a hot glue gun cause it seems to work the best. Doing opposites seems to make the corners easier to handle.

 Once you get all the edges glued down you'll have corners that look like this. You're going to open up the corner as much as you can without pulling up the glued part and place a little glue down. Then pull tight to bring the corner to a point and hold until glue dries. I had a little flap after that I just glued down as well.

This is kind of what your corners will look like after you glue them down.

Here is where you can see I hung mine! I love them and they work perfect for what I needed!!

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