Thursday, April 12, 2012

Continuous Date

I was thinking what me and my hubby love best is just to sit down and watch something together...really that's it. We're a little old school so I add some twist here and there and he's a good sport about it but watching something together is our go to date! One of my favorite things is finding a season of a TV show that we both enjoy watching together! It's wonderful cause when ever we have a spare moment to sit down we through on our show. It's even something you can do together when the kids are home. My daughter is always like "it's mommy's turn" when we through in our show!

When we were first married it was 24! Addicted to that and during that time in our lives we had time to sit and watch them together cause once you start that one it's hard to stop they leave wondering what's going to happen next!! Then we got into Army Wives...well more like I started it and he join in on the fun:)

That is one reason I love Netflix cause we don't have to buy a whole season of one show. Hulu is also great for this and is more of a TV show thing, they have a bigger selection then Netflix...both work great though!

What are some of your favorite TV shows to watch?

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