Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Binder - Finishing Up

I finally got time to finish up our family binder! This is really going to be a great to have in any kind of emergency whether a fire, natural disaster, or even ER/Doctor visits (when you need to know all dates for surgeries or medications taken), or even if your wallet or safe is broken into (like what happened to my in-laws)! It will all be right here in the binder!

So after each members name tab (that we did last post here), you have the "Home" tab. This tab is so wonderful. I keep paint samples in there with the name of the paint so if I ever need to patch holes or fix something I know exactly what paint it is. Then, when we move the next home owners are going to love me cause they'll know exact what is on each wall!!! (I write the wall that it is painted on the back of the paint strip!)

Then you have your "key" tab. This tab is to keep all those extra key's you have laying around. I have them in a baseball card clear holder (the ones that go in a 3 ring binder, plastic protector kind) with a white paper fit to size to write what the key goes too. You could also tie a tag on the end of the key so they don't get mix up in a zip lock as well. Whatever works for your family, it just gives them a place to go and be organized!

After the key tab is "Numbers". This tab is great to write down numbers you need in case of an emergency, like Insurance number and policy number, credit card number to call if stolen, your licence plate number and vin number, any number you can think of that would be good to know and quick to get it in an emergency! Here is the link to the page I have to fill out!

That brings us to our "Purse/Wallet Contents" I love this tab. You never know when your purse or wallet might come up missing and the quicker you can call your credit card company and inform them of this the better off you are in protecting your hard earned money!! Here is the link for the page to fill out and put behind that tab!

Last is the "Safe Deposit/ Vital Doc." A few years ago my in laws had their home broken into and the information in the safe stolen!!! That would just make me cry!! So I have a list of everything in our safe as well as copies of the documents and pictures of valuables including everything valuable in our home behind this tab! Can you see now why this binder would be so important to grab and run with? I have everything in my safe in this binder, I don't have to carry that safe around! Behind the sheet with everything listed on it, I have plastic protectors for the paperwork to be stored. They are numbered so that I can just look at my list sheet and know what protector each document is in!! Here is the sheet for you to print off as well!

I hope this helps each of you in being prepared and feeling protected when something happens in our lives.

Let me know if something doesn't quite make since and I'll see what I can do to explain it better! Happy Organizing and preparing!

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