Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slip Cover for the Boppy!

I was so excited when I found my boppy for a really good price, the only thing was it didn't have a slip cover to protect it. So easy enough I whipped one up this morning! It was quite easy, my only complaint is the zipper, they aren't my favorite but it worked out great! I had to call my mommy to have her explain how to do a zipper...I liked her explanation better. You first stitch with a large stitch (about a 4) the two pieces together (where the zipper goes). Then pin your zipper in place with the right side facing out. Stitch around the zipper, back stitching on the ends to reinforce the stitch. Then you'll unpick the front where the zipper is so that it's now visible. Hope that makes since...if not let me know and I'll take some pictures to help clear things are always the best!! (I just forgot this time, I was to excited to finish it:) )

Here is the link to:

Boppy slipcover pattern  (click here to see how the pattern looks once put together)
Boppy slipcover sewing instructions

Thanks to Vanilla Joy for finding the link ups!!

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