Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coupon Questions/Policy

So I'd like to know what kind of questions you have about couponing? What are you struggling with? What would you like to learn? Where are you shopping at? Let me know, either e-mail me or comment below...I'd love to hear them all!

I wanted to get you started with the coupon policies...these will be your bibles as you get going. I've had to use mine before and there have been moments that I wish I had a copy on me!! So print the places that you plan to coupon at and have them in your binder when you'll be glad you do in those moments!

Smith's - digital coupon policy
Walgreens - for sure...they are sticklers in some places

If there are other places you plan on shopping just head to their web page and search for their policy. I've only listed a few but there are tons!

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