Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homemade Bath Soap Crayons for Kids

Update: we made these tonight and although they were way fun to make together they didn't work how I thought they would. Came out looking like crayons but when you try to color with them it doesn't appear:( we did have fun coloring on my little one, she just laughed cause it was tickling her! She did love chasing them around as they would slip through her fingers:) So maybe just try coloring water and freezing it (a cheaper, quicker way). Enjoy!

I found this AWESOME idea for bath time (here). Although we already love baths this is going to make it so much fun!! I can't wait to whip some up today!!!

Craft supplies you will need:
  • Clear glycerin soap base cut into cubes
  • 3 or more soap color dyes (or food color dyes)
  • Essential oils in your favorite smells (optional)
  • Glass measuring cup for melting soap
  • Spoons for mixing colors and fragrances
  • Ice cube trays or round crayon molds
Craft instructions:
~Separate the soap base cubes; one pile for each soap color dye.
~Have the children place the soap cube for the first color in a glass measuring cup and melt in
            microwave in short bursts.
~Once melted, have the children add soap color a drop at a time, mixing well after each drop until 
            you get the color right.
~Then, add a couple of drops of essential oils and mix well.
~Next, have the children carefully pour the color soap into ice cube trays.
~If you see any air bubbles on the surface of the soap, spray it with rubbing alcohol.
~Have the children repeat the same soap crayon making process with the rest of the colors.
~After that, allow the soap to set until it is firm. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few 
            hours. When the soap is close to firm, feel free to place the soap in the freezer to speed up the
            hardening process.
~When ready, have the children pop the soap crayons out of the trays.

Bath Time!!

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