Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

Can you believe that it's already here?? Where did 2011 go? We all know the tradition of goal setting for the new year, how many of you actually do that? What are some of your goals? I of coarse have the traditional lose weight, get my home more organized, but I've been thinking lately I want to come up with some different ones, something that will make me a better me! I'm thinking this year I'm just going to set a goal a month so I'm not feeling so over whelmed at the beginning of the year because that's no way to start a new year. So, what are they going to be you might ask...good question!

Let's start with January - I'm thinking I really need to take care of myself this month. Sometimes motherhood really gets me running around the house all day. I have no problem getting my girls cleaned and dressed and ready for each day but what about me? I usually just throw something on that's comfortable and if I'm lucky I get to shower after the girls go to bed at night, not cool! And make up...maybe once a week. So this month it's about me. I'm going to shower... in the morning and get ready for each day including putting on make up:) As well as getting dress, make myself feel pretty. But I have to say when I exersice I feel better about myself as well so I'm including that in my monthly goal for January.

So who's on board for making some new goals with me each month?!? I'd love to hear what you have in mind and what some of your goals may be...we'll keep each other going and motivated!!

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