Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Bingo

I saw this on Pinterst and just loved it! Perfect for the 4 year old I watch and my 2 year old just loves to follow along. You'll need two dice for it, one with numbers the other with colors. You can print out the bingo board here, or make your own to go with what your child knows how to do! I found the perfect little prizes at the Target dollar section and I know there are tons of fun stuff at the dollar store as well that you can use as prizes if you'd like too.

Here's a link to a dice print out if you're in need of one. You can find dice at the dollar store as well and just paint or place stickers (or paper) over the numbers to get your colored dice! The extra side you could either put, you choose, roll again, or lose a turn.

Hope you have as much fun as we do!!

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