Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I love You Because...

I saw this great idea on pinterest and thought I'd share mine with you!! It's very easy to do and we've really enjoyed leaving special notes to each other on it! I had this extra frame sitting around but there are tons of frames at the DI or even cheap ones at Walmart and Target. I took out the glass to use as my measurement and traced around it for the paper background. Then on my mom's cricut I cut out the cream paper. You could easily do this yourself no need to have to have a cricut! Make sure you choose a plan paper to write on so it's easier to see. My printer wasn't working so I hand wrote "I love you because..." Once you get everything made, place it all behind the glass that way you can just wipe away the writing. Then I grabbed one of our dry erase pens and hot glued two little square felt pieces on top for an eraser that way we aren't having to search around trying to find something to erase it with!

We love it and as you can see we have fun coming up with things to write on it!! (I really did mean what I said on there cause I HATE scooping poop:) )

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