Monday, March 19, 2012

Masking Tape Fun

Today was fun, I started watching a boy that is a little older then my oldest which can be a little hard because I haven't gotten to that stage yet so I don't know what they're into and what they can and can't know what I mean? So I got a little creative and decided to come up with fun things to do with the kids each day. A lot of work I know but I needed something to keep them happy especially with the cold weather that came back to us!!! (BLAAAA)
So for today (and I totally forgot to take a picture...we'll have to do it again so I can) we ran masking tape all over our down stairs room (the toy room) for them to run their cars on...they loved it!!! It was perfect and easy to do. Just grab a roll of tape and start making your own little town. Next time I'm going to get some of that bigger paper so we can draw our own town (we'll have to do two cause they aren't to good with sharing and I'm sure he wouldn't like Meg's coloring job:) ). I'm looking forward to next time!!

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