Friday, March 2, 2012

The Shower Doors

I hate glass/clear shower doors only because of the scum that builds on them. They would be beautiful if that didn't happen and we know everyone who uses it isn't going to squeegee after they're done. So I've done some research on what to do and I'm putting it to the test! First I tried cleaning it with a softener sheet. Here's the before and after picture...

So as you can see...better but not great! All I did was use the softener sheet with a little bit of water. (not nessesary to do this...I won't be trying it again)


 since it didn't get rid of it all I tried mixing together vinegar and dish soap (which now I'm thinking why didn't I just try this first) (the website was specific about using dawn - blue kind...weird but I had some on hand so that's what I used, you might be able to try some other kind, let me know if it worked just as well).

You'll want to heat up the vinegar in a microwave safe bowl to almost boiling (mine was about 1 minute) and pour it into a spray bottle then add in the dawn. It's a one to one ratio  meaning if you do one cup vinegar you'll do one cup dawn. I did about 3/4 cup of each and that covered all the glass with a little left over. Since you need the vinegar to be hot there's no need to have extra cause you'll need to make a new batch each time you do it. Now head to the bathroom and begin spraying. I had to cover my mouth and noise cause the aroma was so bad but it's non toxic so if you can bare it go for it:) Then let it sit...for tough stains you can let it sit over night but I'm inpatient so I only let it sit for about 3 hrs ( I did side track myself and forgot about it until I put the kids to bed!) The best way to get it all off...get in the shower with a spunge and turn it on! I couldn't believe my eyes when I started washing it off...let me remind you, no hard arm work required! It's unbelievable (and better in person)!

WOW!! There is no water marks only a few scratch marks from what I'm guessing a razor from the previous owners trying to clean it! I'm sold and will never clean my shower any other way again!!!

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