Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coupon Date Night

I hope you all check your junk mail even though it's a pain in the butt, they're are some awesome coupons in there!! Today me and my husband are headed to the movie theater for free thanks to my wonderful mother who found a coupon for two free tickets to a new movie house in our area (from her mail!).
There are tons of coupons always coming in the mail...check them out before you toss them! They have great dinner coupons! So this weeks date night take your coupon book with you and only order things you have a coupon for! You can even find tons online...we have a chucky cheese near us that I'm dying to go to and they have great coupons online for it. You can maybe find a few favorite place by doing this!

Enter in your zip code and it will pull up the Local restaurant deals for you!

Chili's - Free chips and salsa with purchase (which I think in the first place is lame that they're making us pay for it! I swear it use to come with the meal!)

Red Robin - $3 off any order (plus a free burger on your birthday!) You just have to sign up for they're news letters (add it to your junk e-mail!)

Toco Time Papa John's, Tepanyaki Steak House, Lotus Garden

Layton Area Coupons

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