Monday, November 7, 2011


Every since I found this online I've been dying to try it, so I decided to whip it up this weekend! It turned out exactly how I remember it!!

  • 1 cup Elmer's glue
  • food coloring, your choice of color (optional: coloring can stain!)
  • 1 cup liquid starch (found at walmart, or your mothers house - where I found it :) )

  • -Pour glue and coloring in plastic container.
    -Stir until color is thoroughly mixed in.
    -Add starch a little at a time (and they mean a little at a time, I just poured it in not thinking and it took forever to get it how it was suppose to be), stirring with a spoon or kneading with your fingers as mixture thickens.
    -Keep stirring until mixture holds together like putty.
    -Test with your fingers: if too sticky, add more starch in small amounts until mass is smooth and rubbery.

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