Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Serving With Our Children

It's such an import thing for our children to know and what better way to teach then to do it! Service is such an incredible thing and we have been very fortunate to be on both ends. I can't even say how touched I was the night I opened our front door and found a letter with money inside, it had come during a time that our family was really struggling financially. Or even the goodies from the neighbor next door just letting us know they cared after we had just lost a grandparent. Now we don't always know when a family is struggling but why not take a moment and send a thank you to the people who help us each day. Like the mail man, fire fighters, even an assisted living center. I found this really cute blog full of service ideas to do with our kids. She had tons of ideas!

1. a box of cookies left in the mailbox for the mail man (or women like ours is!)
2. The fire station a plate of cookies or muffins
3. Assisted living facility home made cards
4. The Hospital - flowers
5. Leaving home made crayons and coloring books in a waiting room
6. Change left in the vending machines
7. Donating to a food pantry
8. Books for a family in need
9. Yummies for the Librarians
10. A park with toddlers - hand out presents
11. Hiding dollars in the kid's section at a local store
12. Treat grandma or grandpa to lunch
13. Leave a gift for the waiter at lunch
14. Mail treats to surprise friends and family (a little gift card)
15. Leave behind a few diapers and wipes on a changing table in a public bathroom
16. Run an errand for someone who is busy
17. A simple Smile! (can go a long ways)
18. And of coarse thanking the millions of men and women fighting for our country!

What have you done or had done for you? I'd love to hear more ideas. I just love service it brightens my day for sure! I hope you all enjoy this coming Thanksgiving!

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