Friday, November 25, 2011

Date Ideas - Next years list!

So you remember my last post about date night and how I'm putting together a date for each month next year? Well I started putting my list together...what do you think? (By the way we love that movie! If you haven't seen it...a great date night idea:) )

- Picnic in the park
- Shut off all electric devices (including lights). Candles only. Have fun.(excited for this...we're addicted
     to our electronics!)
- Boardgames & card games & video games--include cheap prizes (I love that prizes are included, I
     know what's on my husbands list there:) )
-Do a restaurant crawl. Have a drink at one restaurant, appetizers at another, main course somewhere
     else, and finish with dessert at the last place. Or do it in reverse!
- Go hiking
- Visit an arcade and challenge each other
- Go bowling
- the traditional movie and dinner!
- body shop date night - rollplay (a great clean explanation found here!)
- spa night
- Christmas in July (oh this is totally happening in July!)
- Cyber Date (love this seeing how we met on facebook:) )

Have anymore ideas?!? I found a lot of these great ideas and tons more to choose from here!

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