Thursday, January 5, 2012

At Home or In choose

So today I thought I'd list two different date ideas for this weekend. For us it's easier to have a date at home since I'm nursing but ever so often we need to get out too. So take your pick...

At Home

I've been thinking a lot that my husband and I don't get enough time just to talk. With a two year old running around and a three month old that loves attention it's hard to focus on each other, so this date is geared for taking the time to talk.
Before we got married we had this great book that listed tons of questions you should ask before getting married, it was great! But I started thinking, what about after we get married? There's certainly more questions to be I started looking and found this great list. It's from the dating divas and I just love it! All you have to do is print and clip. You could even add them to a cute little jar to pull out of. Imagine this by candle light, really getting to know each other! Perfect

In Town

I love the idea of a restaurant crawl and it works no matter where you live but add a little twist...each place has to be somewhere you haven't been before! Find a new place that just opened or one you're been wanting to check out! Simple and easy!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and find some time for each other!

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