Friday, January 27, 2012

Organizing my home!

It seems like such a long process to get everything organized in our home but I'm just taking it bit by bit, room by room and we're getting there. This is my project this week.

This is where it's going...scary I know. And I had to take two pictures cause I couldn't open the door all the way for you to see everything (how embarrassing).

We have this little nook area in our home and it's great for our computer deck but lately our little 2 year old has been all over it, pulling out EVERYTHING! So we're moving it down stairs to our extra bedroom which is a DISASTERS! This is going to be a big project with lots of cleaning, sorting, and throwing away! I'm hoping to work on it this weekend...I'll be sure to update you the after pictures!

My plan - this is going to become the reading area for the girls. I'm very excited for this. We're going to move their little book shelve (which I someday hope to paint when it warms up outside) out here, and I'm going to make a cover to go over the bean bag to match the area. On the wall I'm going to frame some book pages from one of their favorite books (not sure which one yet, there's so many to choose from!). I'll be bringing you updated pictures Monday so be sure to check back!

I’m participating with @orgjunkie in her 29 Day Organizing Challenge during the month of Feb. and you can to!

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