Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bird Feeder

As we were leaving the house the other day, Megan was enthralled with all the birds. So I thought lets bring them to our house so she can watch from the window, so we made bird feeders today! She loved just planning in the seeds while mommy did all the work:) but that's how two year olds are which was just fine with me.

So first gather all your supplies (I'm sure you have most of it on hand, the best part!). You'll need a toilet paper roll (I used the card board from an empty wrapping paper that I had left over from Christmas), peanut better, bird seed and string.

First and most important, make two holes opposite of each other to thread the string through to hang it (forgot to do this the first time...makes for a bigger mess:0 )

Then spreed peanut better all over the outside of the card board.

Roll in the seeds...

 And you'll have you're bird feeder to hang outside! I'm sure all the birds are going to love this!

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